I am a hard-working and dedicated student at the Revere High School, Suffolk University, and North Shore Community College. I am also an adept front-end developer, and an experienced and professional pianist of 8 years. Currently, I aspire to work in the fields of  law (or law enforcement) and computer science. Click to read more...

My salient objective is reaching a high level for my education and knowledge, which makes me a hard-working student, makes me always focus on my studies, and makes me do my best to get the highest grades in each class, including doing extra school work. For the entirety of my educational journey, I have always been getting the highest grades for every class I take. I come from the Rumney Marsh Academy (RMA), and all of my teachers know about me, my skills, and my determination to learn and never give up. Thus, over the years I have spent in school, I have received the highest scores in MCAS and assignments given to me.

Currently, I am a student at the Revere High School (ranked #1 in 570 of my Class of 2026), Suffolk University, and North Shore Community College. I have been picked two years in a row for the Biggest Winner Summer Math Challenge by Ed Inquiry. Also, I love to read tomes of fictitious stories, and have read a great deal of novels. Hence, for the 2019-2020 school year, I earned the title of Spelling Bee Champion among the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders at the RMA during my first year at the school as a green new 6th grader. And in the school year of 2021-2022, I was nominated for and was awarded the Carol A. Tye writing award, and I also earned a science award.

Furthermore, I am proficient in and specialize in computer science and programming. I am an adept front end developer who mainly deals with the programming languages JavaScript and Java, markup language HTML, and stylesheet CSS, however I am also able to do some back-end work concerning the languages C and Python and the Linux command line and terminal. Consequently, I have recently built two websites for up-and-running businesses. In addition, I am currently taking online courses at Harvard University, and I have testified at the MA State House for a bill providing a grant program for robotics teams across Massachusetts.

In addition, I held a meeting with the principal (Ms. Bobb) of the RMA and Mr. Perry, my 8th grade ELA teacher at the RMA, during the 2021-2022 school year. There, I introduced and demoed a program I built that intended to aid teachers in their transition to in-person learning by better delivering their learning materials to the students in the school. Upon testing and approval, I provided the principal and Mr. Perry with my program, to be allocated to all of the teachers at the RMA. On top of that, I held an interview with Dr. Gallucci, the Assistant Superintendent, during my 8th grade year.

To conclude, I am and have been a proficient pianist for the past 8 years, whom plays music as well as composes and reads sheet music.