Professional Work

Summer 2023:

Massachusetts State House

Internship under Representative Jeffrey Turco

Interning at the Massachusetts State House in order to learn more about representatives' and senators' roles. I have aided in research and been given the opportunity to sit with representatives in their House Chamber while they discussed and voted on a bill!

Summer 2023:

Suffolk County Sheriff's Department

Summer Enrichment Program Internship

Interning at the Sheriff's Department in order to learn more about law enforcement. I was one of the select 20 chosen out of the 50+ applicants in Suffolk County.  I have earned my CPR Certification, and was given the opportunity meet with the District Attorney at his office (along with members of his team). I also got to meet the U.S Attorney and members of his team at his office, and met the U.S Marshal and members of his team at his office as well. Additionally, I have met with FBI officials at their office/building, and was introduced to members of their SWAT team and the gear they use. On top of this, I have toured both the South Bay House of Correction and the Nashua Street Jail and spoken with both inmates and detainees.


Rumney Marsh Theatre Academy

Sound Designer/Mentor

Tasked with producing the sounds for the show Alice in Wonderland, and for creating a website with which to play these sounds.


Jerusalem Discount Furniture (Lynn, MA)

Website Developer

Developed the website (click here to view) for Jerusalem Furniture in Lynn, MA. Additionally, I maintain data and the website.


Star Daycare

Website Developer

Developed and continue to maintain the website (click here to view) for Star Daycare.


Rumney Marsh Academy's "The Hawk Talk"

Website Developer

Main developer of the website The Hawk Talk for the Rumney Marsh Academy. The Hawk Talk was a team of students who put together highlights of student work in the Rumney Marsh Academy during the 2020-2021 school year during COVID-19.